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CBT Counselling Nuneaton

CBT Counselling Nuneaton





Smooth Starts Plus is a Child and Family support organisation based in South Wales. Founded in 2013 by a small clinical team, Smooth Starts Plus believes that positive and meaningful outcomes can be achieved for all families whose children’s social, emotional and behavioural needs are impacting their quality of life.

To achieve this Smooth Starts Plus has a clear pathway for all children and families referred for support (based on evidence based principles including sensory attachment and neurodivergent therapeutic support) which consists of:

Phase 1 – Developing relationships and understanding of the child and families strengths, challenges and goals

Phase 2 – Facilitating opportunities based on the child’s interests to include Social, Fun and Skill building objectives within sessions

Phase 3 – Reduce dependency on the service by supporting the child and family to develop positive roles, confidence within activities and facilitate meaningful transition to local community provision.

Smooth Starts Plus work with children and families who are often deemed in, or at risk of crisis, due to the associated impact of the child’s behavioural needs to family or school life.

Three key services have therefore been developed and work in collaboration to alleviate these pressures, reduce negative behavioural cycles and strengthen the child’s immediate and core support systems through the recreation of positive roles and identity:     

Respite – Smooth Starts Plus respite service supports children and young people to access opportunities within the local community, either individually, in small groups or within our Social Schemes (play scheme or youth group provision).

EOTAS (Education other than at school) – Smooth Starts Plus provides an interim community transition service for children whose needs cannot be met in school due to the impact of their behaviour. 

Clinical – Smooth Starts Plus has a core clinical team which consists of Occupational Therapists with access to an associate multi-disciplinary team as needed. 



Smooth Starts Plus was founded by Sam Gately – an Occupational Therapist whose professional practice in the UK includes work within specialist learning disability teams, secure and locked rehabilitation hospitals and specialist residential educational settings, as well as supporting children affected by parental substance misuse and child advocacy within child protection teams.



Smooth Starts Respite Service is registered as a Care and Support Agency with Care Inspectorate Wales and aim’s to maximise the child’s quality of life. 

All children referred for respite will be allocated a Link Worker, who will be the main point of contact with the family throughout the child’s journey within Smooth Starts Plus.

(Education Other Than At School)

Accessing education is a fundamental human right for all children, and Article 28 and 29 of the United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child details clearly both the quality and aims of education for children. 

It is however recognised that at times, the school environment might be a challenge for some children to manage. This could be due to the social or sensory environment, or other factors which are happening for the child outside of school at the time. 



Smooth Starts Plus has a team of Occupational Therapists who assist the development of provision and help measure objectives for children within the service, as well as provide an out-reach therapy service for children in the community. 

Children can be referred directly for clinical input, and the team work throughout South East Wales with families and schools to increase the understanding of the child’s needs with view to strengthen the placement and reduce the risk of breakdown occurring.



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