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Smooth Starts Plus has a team of Occupational Therapists who assist the development of provision and help measure objectives for children within the service, as well as provide an out-reach therapy service for children in the community. 

Children can be referred directly for clinical input, and the team work throughout South East Wales with families and schools to increase the understanding of the child’s needs, with view to strengthen the placement and reduce the risk of breakdown occurring.

Early Intervention Sessions for children of pre-school age are also delivered weekly term time for children who may find school challenging due to their social, emotional or behavioural needs. This maybe due to neuro-developmental reasons, or earlier life experiences.  

The Early intervention sessions consist of small groups at ‘the Loft’ and follow a sequence of focussed and active play, shared snack, free choice and finish with relaxation with bubbles and parachute. Parents are encouraged to join in with sessions, and sensory needs are explored and discussed with view to increase both the parents understanding as well as facilitate positive shared experiences. The therapists can also observe the child in their existing nursery placements, and work alongside the staff to incorporate strategies to maximise positive outcomes. 

Access to Speech and Language Therapy, Learning Disability Nurses, Play Therapy and Clinical Psychology can also be accessed as required both to provide direct guidance as well as training sessions for our support team, such as Inclusive Communication, Sensory Processing, Autism Awareness, Epilepsy, Attachment and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

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