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(Education Other Than At School)

Smooth Start Plus, South Wales

Accessing education is a fundamental human right for all children, and Article 28 and 29 of the United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child details clearly both the quality and aims of education for children. 

It is however recognised that at times, the school environment might be a challenge for some children to manage. This could be due to the social or sensory environment, or other factors which are happening for the child outside of school at the time. At these times children may display behaviours which result in the school deciding that is it not an appropriate setting for that child.

The impact of a child being outside of education for these reasons risk significant challenges for the child, family and in some instances may impact the success of subsequent placements. Smooth Starts Plus therefore offer an interim, transitional community provision for pupils which ensures a routine can be maintained and positive role identity can be developed through activity engagement whilst temporarily reducing the social and academic pressure or demands faced within school.


The EOTAS service runs during term time, Monday – Friday between 9.00-14.00pm. Placements are bespoke to the child, and are facilitated in the morning or afternoon, or full day depending on individual need. The service has an overarching timetable with the objective of developing a child’s social and emotional wellbeing, delivered through sessions in the community and with access to ‘the Loft’ in Cardiff. The SWEET BTEC can be delivered by our team, or support accessing community tuition or youth offending sessions can be incorporated as required. 

When a school placement is identified or when the child is ready to return, Smooth Starts Plus can provide gradual in reach support to assist the child’s transition. 

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