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Smooth Start Plus, South Wales

Smooth Starts Respite Service is registered as a Care and Support Agency with Care Inspectorate Wales and aim’s to maximise the child’s quality of life by:

  • Reducing the need to exhibit behaviours that challenge by facilitating opportunities which meet their needs

  • Develop resilience within families by providing support at a time where it is otherwise unavailable and the family are deemed at crisis

  • Increase the young person’s ability to access meaningful opportunities, including education and community resources

All children referred for respite will be allocated a Link Worker, who will be the main point of contact with the family throughout the child’s journey within Smooth Starts Plus. The Link worker also ensures the child’s plans and documentation are current and clear, to ensure consistency within sessions. At this time all children are supported with 1:1, or 2:1 support staff ratio. 

Children accessing respite have access to a wide range of both support and opportunities, including accessing multiple venues within the community, and if appropriate access to one of our play or youth group schemes which are being further developed at present. 


One of the key aims within our respite service is to increase the positive role the child has within their own family, and shared family opportunities are a core aim throughout the provision. Smooth Starts Plus has a Children's Centre in Whitchurch, Cardiff called 'The Loft' and shared access to the play facilities with siblings and parents can be incorporated within sessions, as well as within shared community outings. 

Although following the same support approach, each of the children accessing respite will have individualised long and short term objectives, based on their needs at the time. From phase two - all objectives will include one focussed on relationships/social opportunity, one on fun and enjoyment, and one on skill development.


These objectives are reviewed internally every six weeks on average, with progress being monitored through data collection of session recordings as well as feedback from the child, families, team and link worker. Internal referral can be made to any one of our specialist team or to access the skills development centre individually or with families.  

Children can access respite at any age until 18, where transition to adult services is supported. 


The Smooth Starts Plus Social Schemes are currently being increased in frequency and duration throughout the year to include a play scheme and youth group which will run across the term and holiday periods. The Social Schemes will facilitate fun and social skill development opportunities through planned activity, for children who would benefit from a small group setting. Children can be referred at any point within their provision to a social scheme if it is felt to be of benefit for their needs and to meet their identified objectives at the time.

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